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At Boissevain Books, you'll discover books for children and teens, as well as new works of fiction and non-fiction for adults.

Formed by the Estate of
Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006), the award-winning author and illustrator of more than thirty books for children and young adults, including
A Day on Skates for which the author received Newbery Honors, Boissevain Books is introducing Hilda van Stockum's work to new generations of children and young adults, by publishing her titles that were previously out of print, including Kersti and Saint Nicholas, King Oberon's Forest, and Little Old Bear.

At Boissevain Books, you'll also discover new works geared to adults written by and/or about members of Ms. van Stockum's family, including 
To Africa with a Dream
 by Olga Marlin and A Meaning for Danny and
The Box House by Brigid Marlin, and Time Bomber, by Robert P. Wack which is based on the life and work of Hilda van Stockum's brother, Dr. Willem Jacob van Stockum.

New Release: Boissevain Books for Adults

The Box House

Boissevain Books has just released Brigid Marlin's The Box House, a poignant and inspiring story of a child's ability to transcend abuse and poverty. Set in a small English town in the 1960s, the story follows the journey of Cassie Drover who has taken on the role of caretaker to her younger siblings. Badly neglected and abused by her mother, eight-year old Cassie is determined to make a home for siblings.

The Box House is the Brigid Marlin's third book. She previously authored A Meaning for Danny and from East to West: Awakening to a Spiritual Search. Ms. Marlin is known primarily as an artist and is the Founder and Director of the
Society for Art and Imagination based in the UK.  She has also illustrated a number of books, including King Oberon's Forest, a children's book written by her mother, Hilda van Stockum.

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