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At Boissevain Books, you'll discover the work of Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006), the award-winning author and illustrator of more than thirty books for children and young adults, including a number of her titles that were previously out of print. You'll also discover new works from new authors, including memoirs from members of Ms. van Stockum's family, including To Africa with a Dream by Olga Marlin and A Meaning for Danny by Brigid Marlin, and most recently, works of historical fiction from new authors, beginning with Time Bomber, by Robert P. Wack. 

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New Release! Time Bomber

Boissevain Books has just released Time Bomber, our first historical fiction title! Written by new author Robert P. Wack, Time Bomber is a powerful and intriguing novel set in France in the days before and after D-Day. The novel vividly depicts the danger faced by the brave soldiers who fought for the Allied nations, while interlacing their story with a tale of time travel when they encounter characters who aren’t who they claim to be. Time Bomber was inspired by the life and work of Dr. Willem Jacob van Stockum, a brilliant mathematics professor who left a promising academic career to join the fight against the Nazis. Dr. van Stockum, who served as a bomber pilot in the War, has been called "one of the fathers of time travel" and was the brother of author Hilda van Stockum. Time Bomber is available for purchase in both print and Kindle formats at 

A Book Club Pick: A Meaning for Danny
A Meaning for Danny by Brigid Marlin, one of Hilda van Stockum's children, was just named a Book Club Pick for Parenting Books for Spring by In this compelling and intelligent book, Ms. Marlin shares the story of her son's lifelong struggle with Aspergers Syndrome, depression and isolation, and her own struggles as a mother, trying to help her son and make sense of his suffering. The book is now available at The book can also be purchased at
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