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At Boissevain Books, you'll discover the work of Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006), the award-winning author and illustrator of more than thirty books for children and young adults, including A Day on Skates for which the author received Newbery Honors.

Boissevain Books was formed by the author's Estate to introduce her work to a new generation of children and young adults, and have brought back a number of her titles that were previously out of print, including
Kersti and Saint Nicholas, King Oberon's Forest, and Little Old Bear.

At Boissevain Books, you'll also discover new works geared to adults written by and/or about members of Ms. van Stockum's family, including memoirs, 
To Africa with a Dream
 by Olga Marlin and A Meaning for Danny by Brigid Marlin, and most recently, works of historical fiction from new authors, beginning with Time Bomber, by Robert P. Wack which is based on the life and work of Ms. van Stockum's brother, Dr. Willem Jacob van Stockum.

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Interview with John Tepper Marlin

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Kersti and Saint Nicholas in the News

A wonderful review of Kersti and Saint Nicholas was published in the November/December issue of DUTCH, the magazine in their section on Children’s books for the Dutch Holiday Season.  The reviewer describes the book as “engagingly written and vibrantly illustrated,” and “truly a book for all ages.” Noting that  Kersti is “Peppered with tidbits on Dutch Culture” the review “highly recommends the book for anyone interested in The Netherlands.” Kersti and Saint Nicholas is available at

For more information about Kersti and Saint Nicholas and other Hilda van Stockum books, visit our Children and Teens section.

Memoirs and Historical Fiction

 from Boissevain Books

NEW:  To Africa with a Dream ebook

To Africa with a Dream by Olga Marlin is now available as an ebook. Read this inspiring story of a woman who devoted her life to improving the educational opportunities of African women. The author's spiritual journey brought her to Nairobi in the early 1960s, as part of a group of young women from Opus Dei, who went on to establish the first multi-racial school for women in East Africa - one open to women of all races and beliefs. For more than fifty years, the author has continued her mission of improving the lives of women in Africa. The book is available in both print and ebook at 

Preview a Chapter
A Meaning for Danny

A Meaning for Danny is Brigid Marlin's compelling and intelligent story of her son's struggle with Aspergers Syndrome, isolation and depression and her own struggles as a mother trying to make sense of her son's suffering.  Named a book club pick, A Meaning for Danny was  described as a “touching story of one mother who never gave up" and a story that "will provide valuable insight for those looking for inspiration.” You can Preview a chapter now by clicking on this link and/or visit or to purchase a copy!

2014 Release: Time Bomber

Time Bomber by Robert P. Wack is a powerful and intriguing novel that was inspired by the life and work of Dr. Willem Jacob van Stockum, a bomber pilot who served with the Canadian and British forces during World War II, as well as a scientist who has been called “one of the fathers of time travel.” Dr. van Stockum was the brother of author Hilda van Stockum.

Available in print and Kindle versions at

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