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For Teens - Penengro and King Oberon's Forest 
Welcome to this site where you can explore and rediscover the work of  Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006), award-winning author and illustrator of books for children and young adults.  Boissevain Books is also now featuring memoirs and other books written by members of Ms. van Stockum's family, beginning with To Africa with a Dream by Olga Marlin.
To Africa with a Dream

Boissevain Books has just released a new edition of To Africa with a Dream, written by Olga Marlin, one of Hilda van Stockum's children. 

In this book, Ms. Marlin shares the inspiring story of  her life and work in Kenya, where for more than fifty years, she has worked to improve the educational opportunities available to all Kenyans.  To Africa with a Dream can now be purchased at the CreateSpace store.  To receive 20% off of the $15.95 (US) list price, enter the following discount code in the space provided on the online order form:  TFYEJ33M

In the News!

Little Old Bear was just featured in an article, "Unlikely Heroes, Unwanted Bears" in The East Hampton Star!
A new edition of Little Old Bear was published in September by Boissevain Books.  First written and illustrated by Hilda van Stockum in 1962, Little Old Bear is a touching story of an old Teddy bear that was "so old that he had lost his fur and his eyes and he was not the handsome little bear he had once been."  Written for children aged five and older, this book will be appreciated by the whole family, especially grandparents!

Available for purchase at (also the CreateSpace Store) and by placing an order with bookstores.  Also available at  the BookHampton store in East Hampton, NY and the Fairy Godmother on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

Buy the Kindle edition of Penengro and other HvS books on Amazon!

Penengro, Hilda van Stockum's story of a young Irish orphan boy who runs away and finds acceptance among a group of gypsies, was first published in 1972.  It's filled with adventure, and told with sensitivity and pride in its depiction of Romany culture.  The Kindle Edition is available for $6.95 at the Amazon U.S. Kindle Store.
Also Available
Patsy and the Pup, for children aged two and older, is a charming illustrated story about a young girl and a sweet puppy that follows her home. First published in 1950 by The Viking Press, this cherished story was out of print for years until revived by Boissevain Books in 2009!

Japanese Translation of A Day on Skates

One of Hilda van Stockum's most famous children's books, A Day on Skates (Harper & Brothers, 1934) was recently translated into Japanese. The Japanese-language version was published by Fukuinkan Shoken, the premier publisher of children's books in Japan.

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About Hilda van Stockum

The late beloved Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006), born in Holland, was an internationally noted author as well as illustrator of such classic children's books as A Day on Skates, for which in 1935 she won Newbery honors. Ms. van Stockum also wrote books for young adults including one of her best known works, The Winged Watchman.  To learn more about the life and work of Hilda van Stockum, click here.