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New Book: Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon December 13, 2015 00:32 3 Comments

Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book about a princess who one day wakes to a black and white world, and sets out to find the dragon who has taken all of the colors. A joyful book with an excellent moral to the story!  Written by Kate Bodsworth and illustrated by Brigid Marlin. To get a 20% discount off he purchase price, Enter code BOISS01 at checkout! 

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Books for Children: Selections for Hanukkah! December 7, 2015 00:13

Boissevain Books publishes books for children of all ages. Beautifully written and illustrated, they include themes of responsibility, compassion and respect for the differences among people.

Ages 2+
Patsy and the Pup is a delightful story about a little girl’s adventures with a puppy that follows her home. Enjoy how Patsy tries to convince her Mother that she can take care of the puppy.
Ages 3+
Pamela Walks the Dog is the story of a little girl’s elaborate preparations to walk the dog, with a surprise ending!!!  

Ages 5+
Little Old Bear is a wonderful tale about an old and imperfect Teddy bear that finds a loving home.

Ages 5+
Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon is about a Princess who lives in a Technicolor world and wakes up one day to find that a dragon has eaten all of the colors. (

Ages 7+
King Oberon’s Forest is a fairy tale about three brother dwarfs, known for their bad temper and unfriendliness, whose lives become completely changed after finding and taking in an abandoned child.

Ages 12+
Penengro is a story set in early 20th century Ireland about a young boy’s adventures in meeting and living with a group of gypsies. The book shares information about the Romani people and their culture.

Boissevain Books News November 2, 2015 20:41

Welcome to the new Boissevain Books Blog and Website. As our current customers know, Boissevain Books was formed by the literary estate of Hilda van Stockum, the celebrated author and illustrator of more than thirty books for children and teens. Although our core mission is to introduce Hilda's works to new generations of readers, we are also focused on publishing new works, for both children and adults. This year we've published two new titles, the first, The Box House, is geared to adults, particularly young adults. It's the inspiring and touching story of an abused child's experience growing up in poverty in 1960s England, and her ability and determination to survive. It was written by Brigid Marlin, one of Hilda van Stockum's daughters, who is herself an accomplished artist.  Our second new book,  Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon, written by Kate Bodsworth and illustrated by Brigid Marlin, will launch this week.  It's a beautifully written and illustrated story for children that features a strong, yet compassionate, young princess who must challenge a Dragon that has taken all of the color from the world. Please visit our bookstore to learn more about these titles and our other books.