Books for Children: Selections for Hanukkah! December 7, 2015 00:13

Boissevain Books publishes books for children of all ages. Beautifully written and illustrated, they include themes of responsibility, compassion and respect for the differences among people.

Ages 2+
Patsy and the Pup is a delightful story about a little girl’s adventures with a puppy that follows her home. Enjoy how Patsy tries to convince her Mother that she can take care of the puppy.
Ages 3+
Pamela Walks the Dog is the story of a little girl’s elaborate preparations to walk the dog, with a surprise ending!!!  

Ages 5+
Little Old Bear is a wonderful tale about an old and imperfect Teddy bear that finds a loving home.

Ages 5+
Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon is about a Princess who lives in a Technicolor world and wakes up one day to find that a dragon has eaten all of the colors. (

Ages 7+
King Oberon’s Forest is a fairy tale about three brother dwarfs, known for their bad temper and unfriendliness, whose lives become completely changed after finding and taking in an abandoned child.

Ages 12+
Penengro is a story set in early 20th century Ireland about a young boy’s adventures in meeting and living with a group of gypsies. The book shares information about the Romani people and their culture.