Brigid Marlin

Brigid Marlin was born in Washington, DC but has spent most of her life in England, where she resides. She is known primarily as an artist, and is the Founder and Director of the Society for Art and Imagination. Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon. written by Kate Bodsworth, and illustrated by Brigid, is her most recent book. Earlier in 2015 she published The Box House, a compelling story of an abused child’s struggle to find a better life.  She previously authored A Meaning for Danny, the story of her son's struggle with Asperger Syndrome, and from “East to West: Awakening to a Spiritual Search”. Ms. Marlin has also illustrated a number of books, including King Oberon's Forest, a children's book written by her mother, Hilda van Stockum, the celebrated author and illustrator of books for children and young adults.